Pillar - Your extended family

We help families find the best elderly care services and products they need in the fastest, most transparent, and most convenient way possible. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Pillar is a network of elderly home care professionals, and related service and product providers. We connect our qualified and vetted providers with elderly clients and their families.

Our Team



Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Andrew brings nearly 30 years of experience serving in diverse industries. He developed a $1B+ USD annual revenue sales organization from the ground up while serving as head of internet programs for $10B+ USD airline US Airways. Implemented RingMD (SG) telehealth platform in several countries as COO.


Dr Lim

Chief Medical Officer / Co-Founder

Dr Lim is an aged care innovator and entrepreneur. He is the Group CEO of Jasper Healthcare Group. Dr Lim brings the medical element to the company by putting together a team of doctors, making Pillar the only in-home care provider with a team of panel doctors to provide supports for our patients in Malaysia.


Mun Toh

Chief Operating Officer

Fong Muntoh, Pillar’s COO, has over 20 years of experience in the aged care industry. His key roles include managing overall caregiving operations and developing the team of care managers and advisors to better serve our clients, ensuring Pillar’s clients receive the most compassionate and effective care possible.



Chief Financial Officer

Serving as CFO, Kelvin is focused on commercial matters and supporting the company’s health tech projects. Being a leader in administrative and back-end support, his priority is always to support and elevate business expansion across the home care industry supported by high-performing teams of Finance, HR & Procurement.



Chief Marketing Officer

Laurent, who serves as the company’s leader in technology and online marketing, has spent over 15 years in a wide range of industries and started his own software development company. He went on to develop the world’s first hypoglycemia alert/remote elderly monitoring system. He brings a wealth of experience in technology and marketing to help drive the company’s success.



Customer Relationship Manager

Zahar serves as Customer Relationship Manager. His role is to ensure that the families of Pillar’s clients are provided the best service possible and that they are kept informed as to the care of their loved ones. He has vast experience in customer service and personnel management. He also assists the company in identifying and managing the company’s pool of caregivers.



Lead Care Manager

Linda is an experienced healthcare professional having worked in both Malaysia and Singapore. As Pillar’s Care Manager, her primary role is to ensure the best caregivers are assigned to fulfill the needs of our clients. She has significant experience in managing caregivers and nurses and leads Pillar’s efforts to ensure that the best caregivers are selected to assist the company’s clients in their homes. She has overseen a wide variety of cases. including stroke, cancer, dementia and other age-related illnesses. 


AC Tham

Lead Care Advisor

AC has over 10 years of experience in elderly care with significant skills in helping clients find compassionate caregivers and ensuring the elderly and the family are well taken care of. Previously, he was the Assistant Manager of De Home Care in Klang where he worked with the elderly and Care Haven in Johor with underprivileged children. He is a great addition to the Pillar team as he brings with him his many years of corporate and care experience and offers unique experiences in helping the elderly and their families in whatever the level of care that is needed.



Sales & Marketing Executive

Jolyn is an experienced marketing and sales executive. She has a strong track record in helping companies advance their marketing and sales objectives, having worked in a variety of customer-focused companies. She is particularly adept at utilizing social media to showcase the Pillar’s medically-supported home caregiving services.