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Pillar is a family of trusted providers offering the best in elderly care at home, products, services and living options, all in one place

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We are your extended family making sure that your elderly needs are well covered. Click on a popular category below or reach out to us at +60 17 805-9677.

What do people say about Pillar?

What is Pillar?

Pillar,​ ​based​ ​in​ ​Kuala​ ​Lumpur,​ ​​is​ ​your ​​network​​ ​for​ ​elderly care at home, nursing/medical services​, food, transport, and even senior living options via nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement communities. You can find all of your ​needs​ ​here through ​our​ ​carefully selected​, verified and trustworthy ​third-party​ ​providers, who are experts in their fields. With hundreds of caregivers and providers in our network, we are Asia’s largest network focused solely on helping our elderly age gracefully.

How much does it cost?

The cost of services offered by Pillar’s providers and partners varies based on the type of service required and the length of service. Basic, in-home caregiving starts at RM25 per hour but weekly and monthly packages are available. For nursing, medical, and other services, the prices will vary based on the client’s requirements or complexity of his/her situation. However, our goal is to find the best quality services for our precious elderly, and do our best to find you the best prices. We’re on your side, and we do not take a fee from you for our work. Payment for the various services will be collected directly by our trusted partners. This is usually done via online banking or cheque.

Where do you operate?

We currently operate throughout the Klang Valley of Malaysia. However, in 2018, we will be expanding to other cities throughout the nation. If you do need help outside of Klang, do contact us at +60 17 805-9677 as we might be able to help you. We like to help.

What is Pillar's Standard of Quality?

We strive to provide the highest quality professional services to our elderly. Official health care guidelines, requirements and specifications are a priority when we engage providers and partners. We strive to ensure all services are delivered safely and efficiently to clients. All of our providers are certified and governmentally regulated in their fields as applicable. At Pillar, it’s safety first.