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Guided Dementia Care


Specialized, clinically-developed care for those suffering from dementia to keep your loved ones’ lives vibrant and full.

Guided Dementia Care can help your loved ones lead fuller lives while battling this terrible disease

We‘ve provided dementia care and Alzheimer’s care to many people with mild to severe impairment. The difference between a good day and a bad day is often a familiar and stable home environment and an experienced and skilled Care Heroes . We’re here to help. Our focus is your loved one’s comfort and, most importantly, safety through our guided dementia process developed by doctors and nurses and implemented by trained Care Heroes . Many times, people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias communicate through non-verbal means or have different language skills. Our caregivers, by following our guided dementia process, are trained and experienced in connecting with their patients and communicating throughout the stages of dementia.

We are committed to long-term caregiver relationships. Most of our clients choose to have the same caregiver for several months or longer. Our consistent staffing allows your loved one to build a bond with their caregivers and our care team and think of us as family.


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    Our Guided Dementia Care helps in these areas

    When faced with needing care for a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia our team follows a guided process in these ways:



    Be a friend to your loved one and engage them through conversation, interactive activities, and outdoor trips or activities. Helping them remember all they love about life, past, and present.

    Staying Active

    Our Care Heroes help your loved one keep their mind and body active and alert with physical exercises and stimulating activities to keep their brains actively functioning.

    Home Therapy

    We can help alleviate their symptoms and improve the bodily functions of your loved ones to help them lead better lives.

    Support For Mild, Moderate To Advanced Stages Of Dementia

    From simple medication reminders to companionship and helping them stay active, to more specific support as needed during moderate stages, including personal hygiene support and other activities of daily living, to nursing procedures and around-the-clock care at advanced stages of dementia, we can help your loved one no matter their needs through our clinically-developed, guided care process.

    Dementia Care For All Stages With a Pillar Care Specialist

    Guided by a team of doctors, nurses, care managers, aged-care professionals, and Care Heroes. 

    The impacts of dementia go beyond a person losing the ability to remember things, to think clearly, to communicate with others, and to care for themselves. There are mood swings and your loved one’s personality and behavior may change. When caring for a person with dementia, irregular or different behaviors and communication difficulties can make caregiving a challenging experience for even the most well-trained Care Heroes.

    Dementia symptoms progress over time and change across each stage. Our Care Heroes , guided by our doctors, nurses, and care managers, are adept at recognizing the symptoms of each stage and are trained to adapt to how they care for your loved ones. Support from our team can help your loved one live their best life possible while having comfort and safety as they battle this terrible disease. We are here to help. We’re your extended family. 

    Ease your Loved One’s Dementia Journey with a Pillar Care Specialist through our Guided Dementia Process

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