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Post-Surgery Care

Pillar provides quality in-home care to meet the personal care needs of each elderly person.

Professional caregivers are proven to speed up recovery and improve overall wellness

Whether you or a loved one is transitioning directly home after a hospitalization or moving through the care continuum via a rehabilitation or medical care facility, one-on-one home care is crucial for a safe and successful recovery. We’ve helped many patients through this transition and can help your loved one too.

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    How Pillar Can Help

    At Pillar, we offer a wide range of services to help the elderly live their most independent lives every day. Our services are meant to ensure our clients’ safety and well-being while bringing comfort and companionship to their lives. Our in home care services include:

    Companion Care

    Our caregivers are dedicated to building strong relationships with the clients in their care. Our care services include assisting with daily living, participating in their favorite activities, going to their favorite parks, helping them with medical visits, and more.

    Personal Care

    Our experienced caregivers offer respectful assistance with intimate needs like bathing, dressing, and grooming. Personal care also includes fall prevention, mobility assistance, transferring, toileting/incontinence care, and meal preparation.

    Senior Transportation

    Our care services may also include transportation assistance for seniors who want to go out and about. Common places our caregivers take their clients include parks, doctors' offices, restaurants, shopping centers, and many other favorite places of theirs.

    Seniors and Technology

    If your loved one is struggling with social isolation, our caregivers will make sure they remain connected to friends and family through video calls, social media, and texting.

    Improving Your Loved One's Quality Of Life With Our Care Specialist

    It’s always good to have someone who can help to relieve the pressure off family caregivers no matter if it is short term or long term.

    With our professional care specialist who are highly skilled and equipped with the right knowledge , they can help share the load and assist you along your caregiving journey, ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care they deserve. Having a trained professional around can also help first-time caregivers learn the basics and skills of caregiving.

    Besides caring for the care recipient, a secondary role of professional caregivers is to provide emotional support and lend a listening ear to families. Family caregivers, especially sole caregivers, often find it comforting to share their journey with someone who understands how tough caregiving can get.

    Wondering How Much Will It Cost You
    To Hire A Post-Surgery Care Support?

    Others are charging around RM 30 to RM 50 Per Hour in Malaysia. But we are a little different

    Post-Surgery Care Support

    RM4600/20 working days

    What Our Clients Says

    “Overall we find our Care Specialist very responsible with her work. She is sincere and caring. No complaints.”
    Mr. Lee
    "I am very happy and satisfied with Telyn. She has been very sharp and dedicated to her work. She built a relationship with my mom and became part of the family. She didn't need to be told what to do for the second time."
    Mr. Ganesh
    "We are happy with Leonisa. We needed some time to get to know each other but Leonisa was able to pick up my mum's likes and dislikes. She is soft spoken and patient, knows her duties and is attentive to my mother."
    Ms. S. Lim

    Give the best home care to your loved one

    Talk to us today! and learn why 8,582 Malaysian families trust Pillar to take care of their loved ones.

    1. What is post-operation care?

    Post-operation care is the care patients get after surgery in the comfort of their own homes. The sort of post-operation care you require is determined by the type of operation as well as your medical history. For example, when someone has surgery, chemotherapy, or another chronic illness management treatment or suffers from physical damage such as an accident, it might take time to restore their capacity to go around on their own and handle their daily tasks.

    2. What types of services are provided with post-operation care?

    Pillarcare offers comprehensive post-operation care, from daily living support to medical monitoring.

    Daily living assistance: Pillarcare can aid with various everyday chores, such as food preparation, bathing and clothing assistance, and running errands such as grocery shopping and prescription filling.

    Rehabilitative Activities: Our caregivers may also help our clients with rehabilitation activities, such as walking and exercise.

    Medication Monitoring: Pillarcare provides medication management services to guarantee optimal use and patient comfort and safety while maximizing recovery.

    Wound Care: Infection can cause extra difficulties and postpone recovery in people with post-operation, acute, or chronic wounds. Pillarcare provides complete wound care to prevent infection and promote healing by keeping the surroundings clean and sterile, changing dressings, and giving nutritional support.

    3. Will I need post-operation care assistance?

    It is advisable to discuss post-operation care with your doctor before your treatment so that you may be as prepared as possible. There are several consequences in the post-operation period, depending on the type of surgery, accident, or condition. Infection, issues at the surgery site, and blood clots caused by inactivity are examples of general complications. Pillarcare offers free care consultation sessions; please contact us if interested.