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Why We Started Pillar… and What We Do

A Message from the Chairman

Hello! I’m Andrew Mastrandonas. I founded Pillar back in 2017. This will be the first of periodic posts from me to give you, our valued clients, friends, and followers, some insights about our company and our services. I hope this will be a two-way communication and at the end, you’ll see how you can contact me directly.

Back in 2016 and 2017, I had already been working in Southeast Asia and had been involved in senior living and technology for quite some time. Looking around the region, my colleagues and I discovered that there was a lack of high-quality, clinically-developed home care in the region. There were a few companies offering home caregiving services but nobody at the time was bringing a professional service to home caregiving that included trained and certified caregivers. Noting the gap between what customers were seeking–professional, clinically-based, compassionate care at home–we decided to form Pillar.

Since then we have been offering a home care service that is driven by a team of professionals in medicine, nursing, aged care, technology and of course, caregiving. Rather than simply being a matching service between clients and caregivers, we developed a holistic approach to caregiving that first, assess the needs of both the patient the patient’s family. We look at the status of the patient and their medical and non-medical needs in order to develop the appropriate caregiving services, and we look at the living situation of the one to be cared for, in order to ensure the home environment is conducive to caregiving.

Once we thoroughly understand the needs of the family and their loved one, then we begin to review the appropriate caregiver to assist. And, it may not only be a caregiver that is needed: it also may include a nurse, a doctor and a physiotherapist to look in on the patient, conduct routine nursing procedures, etc. In other words, we bring not only a caregiver to the family’s home, but also a team of care professionals as needed. We believe this sets Pillar apart.

However, it’s not just a clinical team that makes us shine. Our customer-facing team of Care Advisors who help clients decide what services they need and are really advisors more than anything else, help clients deal with all facets of our service. The Care Advisors work with our Care Managers who in turn work with their team of caregivers to ensure that operationally care is provided according to the plan laid out by the clinical team during their initial evaluation of the patient.

Of course, as a company committed to home care, we would be nothing without the thousands of caregivers who have worked with us over the years. Let’s be honest: caregiving is a really hard job. It’s often long hours and it can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. We do our best to find the very best caregivers for our clients, but we do more that, we offer training in a variety of topics to ensure that they not only serve our clients well but that are always improving their own knowledge and skills.

Our team includes our CEO, Dr Lim Geng Yan, who is a medical doctor, and many others who are passionate about helping Malaysian families. In the next few posts, I will be highlighting members of our team so you can get to know many of us.

That’s all for now but in the meantime, you can learn more about me by clicking this link:

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