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August Living Services

Nursing visits are provided at a period specified by the client. This is particularly suitable for patients who need wound management, procedures such as feeding tube or catheter changes and even elderly care allowing for morning hygiene activities etc. They can be tailored for days of the week and time of the day to complement your family's needs in caring for your loved ones.

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Our service capabilities allow us to offer solutions that bring convenience and overall cost management for those paying for the medical care. When patients need extended hours of continuous care - for example bed ridden patients, patients unable to be left alone on their own etc, the services of caregivers can be used to provide care over extended periods the client requires. These services are offered in daily, weekly and monthly packages.

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We provide LOCAL Trained Caregivers. Our Caregivers come from various Healthcare background such as Medical Assistant, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy which gives them a good start to on going development. My Flex Health Group ensure that all Caregivers are Up-Skills to Australian Standard to deliver Care.Delivering high quality care and dignity, gived the patient the choice to remain at home and offers respite to the family. Patients have more choice, as our professionally trained team offer a tailored care package to meet the patient's needs ensuring consistency and continuity of staff.

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Home GP Asia provides quick access to services offered by fully vetted and friendly house call doctors, nurses and caregivers. Our trusted partners include the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA),Caring Pharmacy, Vitacare Pharmacy and. Focus Areas area: Assisted Daily Living , Nursing, General Practitioners

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Home Caregiving

Have our Pillar certified care companions help your elderly with daily personal activities such as bathing, grooming, feeding and companionship.

Home care is a supportive care that is given at the comfort of your home. Home care services helps our elderly who need additional support to remain safely at home and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.
Pillar currently has 2 basic packages available. The first is an hourly charge. This will work out to around RM25 per hour. The rate will differ based on the number of hours of engagement. There will also be a nominal daily charge for transport allowance - this allows our caregivers to make their way safely to your home as well as to return to their own homes after they have completed their services for the day. We also have a monthly live-in package where the caregiver lives in your home that we custom to fit everyone's needs. For more information get in touch with us by clicking the "Ask For A Quote" button above.
All Pillar’s caregivers are trained and certified under Pillar’s own training arm , Pillar Training. Our trainers are qualified doctors who have experience in palliative care and management of the elderly. All caregivers are required to undergo training before starting services.
We have both foreigners and Malaysian caregivers. All our foreign caregivers have valid working permits and all legal documents in place with local authorities.
While the caregiver’s primary responsibility is to see to the needs of the elderly individual, he or she might be able to assist with some basic household chores once all the major tasks have been completed and if they have some time.