Everybody loves Pillar

We’re creating the world’s largest network for elderly care and services. With over 300M elderly people in Asia-Pacific alone, there’s a lot to do. Since our founding in late 2016, we’ve assembled a compassionate and well-trained group of over 500 caregivers and dozens of home care, nursing and related agencies along with medical providers, transportation companies and food service partners.


The Story Behind Pillar

Our founders were working in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, in the local healthcare space. It so happened that the street on which we lived had a lot of elderly people. They were all very kind and gentle, but rather lonely. They had few others to rely on for the simple things, since their loved ones were working overseas or in other parts of the country. We regularly kept them company, helped them run small errands, and listened to their inspiring life stories. But we were only going to be there for a short while.

This made us think of our own ageing parents and that they were almost in the same situation. As people start to live longer, they need others to care for them. And, all while wishing to age gracefully in their own homes.

What we know in Asia is that traditional values of filial piety (a virtue of respect for one's parents, elders, and ancestors) is changing. Children are working harder and longer, and there is no time to look after parents but they try anyway

Pillar supports these hard working children who are trying their best to keep traditional values whilst trying to earn a living to support their families.

This gave rise to the idea of Pillar. Others in home care start when the seniors are ill and the children are already at wits end trying to cope. Pillar supports the children right from the most minor things such as home cleaning, shopping and feeding, all the way through complex medical assistance.

Pillar is the missing piece of the puzzle of modern ageing--a technology-backed service that connects seniors and their families with caregivers for a more affordable and efficient service. Pillar helps people grow old with dignity, no matter what their personal or health situation is. At home.