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Keeping active at home is critical for seniors. While keeping physically active, it’s also important to keep mentally active at home--and it can be fun too! Games are not only fun, they relieve boredom and most importantly they keep the mind sharp. Games are good for people with dementia or for people who may be facing short-term memory issues. No matter what game they play, seniors benefit in a variety of ways.

There are a variety of games ranging from board, tile and puzzle games. There are also video games and card games. Games with dice, word and number games are good too. And for seniors who may be living in assisted living communities, there are a variety of games for larger groups of people too. We also shouldn’t forget that there are a variety of outdoor games too.

It’s impossible to list the many games available for seniors but here are a few resources with lists of games from our friends in elderly care. Take a look and have fun!

Take a look at these links and have fun!

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