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Getting older and being stuck inside more often is no fun. But seniors need to keep active. Seniors should try to exercise at least a few times every week. Whether an elderly loved one is still active or has more limited mobility, there is a range of exercises they can do at home. Obviously, these aren’t for everyone, but here are a few:

1. Using Weights

Even the lightest of weight training can help our elderly build muscle mass and retain bone density without stressing on their muscles. Seniors can use two-pound weights (.90 kg) to do exercises like shoulder presses and arm raises. Even they don’t have weights, it is no problem because they can use objects around the house like water bottles or cans of food. Even small bricks can work!

2. How about Aerobics?

Aerobic exercises can be done at home. If they want to follow a particular routine, they can use an exercise DVD, or follow along with a video on the Internet. A simply Internet search or using YouTube and you’ll find all kinds of ideas for aerobic routines. Jumping jacks, knee lifts, and stretching can work as alternatives. Aerobic exercises are important for seniors because they get the heart pumping and promote cardiovascular health.

3. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways for seniors to keep their bodies limber because yoga emphasizes balance, flexibility and strength. Seniors can do classic yoga poses like downward-facing dog, seated forward bend, and warrior. Older adults with limited mobility can try chair yoga a well. Again, the Internet offers a wide variety of resources for doing yoga at home.

4. Walking

You don’t need to leave the house to take a walk! Seniors can put on a pedometer, turn on their favourite music, and walk throughout their home. Make sure to lift the knees with each step, and walk as briskly as able without overextending oneself.

5. Do some sit-ups

Seniors can do simple sit-ups to increase their core muscle strength. Start by lying on their backs with their knees bent at an angle. They should then place their hands behind their head and gently lift their head upward, all the while engaging the stomach muscles.

Being at home and keeping in shape can be fun. Do what you can. It’ll benefit if you for years to come.

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