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Being Safe Part 2: Hiring a Caregiver from Good Sources, Reputable Companies

As we detailed in our last blog post, hiring a caregiver via a social media group or page has its risks. See that article here:

If you’re a bit hesitant about hiring a caregiver (or maid) let’s discuss some of the reasons you might wish to hire a caregiver from a reputable company (and yes, we are one of them).

Think about these considerations. With a reputable, established company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have or get:

--a pool of backup caregivers available if you need a replacement;

--oversight of your caregiver by trained care specialists;

--initial review of your loved one’s health status to ensure proper matching to the caregiver;

--nurses and doctors available when you need one;

--physiotherapy and nursing services available;

--assistance with specialized/unique conditions;

--customer service on-call when you have questions or concerns;

--people who can assist at the hospital and home-to-hospital or hospital-to-home.;

--in addition to at-home caregiving, many reputable companies offer short-term companionship and medical escort;

--problem resolution procedures if any issues arise;

--centralized/easy billing and invoicing from a professional office team; and

--regarding Pillar, a legal Malaysian company backed by years of experience in assisted living, nursing homes, nursing, and related healthcare professions.

While many people offer “cheap solutions” on Facebook and in other places, keep in mind that you do often “get what you pay for. Do you want to risk the health and well-being of your loved one?

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