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Being Safe: Hiring a Caregiver from Good Sources

With the advent of the Internet and social media, there is an explosion of groups and pages offering to match employers/clients with caregivers and maids. There are 10 or more such groups and pages on Facebook and many we’re sure that we’ve missed. We need to talk about these groups and pages.

In a lot of cases those people looking for caregivers or maids that are posting in these groups, aren’t the direct employers. They’re often freelancers looking to make a commission when they match a friend with a client. Some others are agency representatives who have a pool of maids and sometimes caregivers. If you decide to deal with those people who are posting in these groups or pages, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Who are these people that you are dealing with? What do you really know about them?

  2. Is it worthwhile saving a few bucks by working with someone you don’t know and for whose track record is unclear?

  3. How do you know if caregivers provided by freelancers have the actual qualifications and experience that you are seeking? Where’s the proof?

  4. What happens if the caregiver or maid doesn’t work out? What’s your recourse with these freelancers who post in these random groups and pages?

  5. What if the caregiver or maid runs away? Will your contact supply you with another one?

  6. Is there any real legal resource if something bad happens when you employ a caregiver or maid supplied by a random freelancer that you found online?

  7. Is the risk in dealing with an anonymous freelancer, who is mainly interested in a fast commission worth the risk to your loved one’s health and well-being?

Consider these questions before you take this route. Or better still, consider a reputable company that specializes in providing these services. It may cost you a little more, but in our experience, peace of mind is worth it.

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