Because they deserve a place where it feels like home, where it feels like family

Pillar is working with partners to create a new way forward for siting, building, and operating nursing homes that are convenient, meet international quality standards, and serve diverse needs. In 2018, a new line of nursing homes will roll out, first in Malaysia, that will be “Powered by Pillar.” We will bring the company’s technology and elderly care expertise to bear in this important sector of elderly services.

What is Pillar Nursing Homes?

Pillar Nursing Homes serves customers and partners in two areas: the marketing of nursing homes through the Pillar Network to end consumers, and working with partners to site and develop new nursing homes based on international quality standards.

Why Pillar Nursing Homes?

Through Pillar, we help developers, the medical community and entrepreneurs get into this exciting field by bringing our many years of nursing home, medical, real estate, marketing and elderly care experience to new homes or franchise development, or to help existing operators better market and run their facilities.

How do I learn more?

Our process is simple and direct. First, we’ll schedule a brief a call with you to discuss further your needs and interests, to ensure we are well aligned. If we believe there’s a good match, then we’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss the many ways in which we might work together in improving your home’s existing performance, creating new homes and franchises. If you want us to market your home(s) through our Pillar Network, simply contact our Provider Manager, Malini, at For for all other inquiries, email us at or call us on: +6017 805-9677.

Pillar has broad capabilities related to nursing homes:

  • Nursing home siting and strategy;
  • Branding;
  • Marketing, social media;
  • Franchise development and strategy;
  • Real estate identification and siting;
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures and good business practices;
  • Implementation of back-end systems and consumer-facing technology;
  • Management of supply chain and staffing.