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End-of-Life Care at Home: Some Details

It can be comforting for people to be at home as they near the end of life. Caring for someone dying at home can be challenging yet rewarding, and everyone has different experiences. If you’re considering caring for someone at home, looking to engage a professional caregiver, or are already doing so, it can help to know that you can get support.

When you care for someone at the end of their life:

  • ask their General Practioner (GP) what they can expect as their illness progresses
  • keep contact details of their healthcare team on your phone or somewhere easy to find
  • know who to contact out of hours for evenings and weekends
  • find out if they’ve considered where and how they’d like to be cared for in future
  • consider hiring a professional caregiver
  • make a backup plan to make sure someone else can care for them if you’re no longer able to do so such as professional caregiver
  • check what financial support is available to you.

Depending on the person’s condition, you may need to help them with practical and emotional tasks, including

  • washing, dressing, eating, and going to the toilet
  • taking medication and managing their symptoms
  • coordinating healthcare professionals coming into the home
  • planning visits with family and friends
  • talking to them about worries and fears
  • taking care of their finances, general life tasks, or pets.

It can help to talk to the GP, a nurse, a professional caregiver, or even a physiotherapist. They’ll talk you through how to help them safely. They may suggest various aids or equipment.

Caregiver’s assessment

You can get a caregiver’s or nurse’s assessment from a local caregiving agency like Pillar, too. This isn’t to assess how good you are at caring, but to ask you about your needs and how being a caregiver impacts your life. You may also decide it’s better to hire a professional caregiver. The person you care for may also ask for an assessment.

Pillar – Your extended family

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