Hire Caregiver For POST COVID Recovery care

Elderly who recovered from COVID-19 suffer from side effects longer than older age groups. Let our highly trained care specialist make it better for you and your loved one.

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Professional caregivers are proven to speed up recovery and improve overall wellness

Elderly that recovered from COVID-19 might suffer from longer side effects and need subsequent care at home. 

We can help in providing the following:

1) Arrangement for rental of oxygen support equipment
2) Live-in caregiver for 24/7 care 
3) Arrange for nurse visitation once a week
4) Tele consultation with Doctor whenever necessary


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How Can Our Care Specialists help?


Daily Activities

We assist in dressing, toileting, feeding or bathing with respect to tradition and needs.


Basic Nursing

Medication reminders, tube feeding, wound management, light physiotherapy.



Sometimes all your elderly needs is a little company. Pillar is made for that too.


Meal Preparation

Our caregivers can prepare very simple meals for your loved one, with the ingredients provided by you.


Keeping Active

Our Care Specialists are just as happy to go for walk as to assist with specific exercises.


Basic Housekeeping

Pillar can assist in basic housekeeping exclusively for the person we are caring for.

Improving Your Loved One's Quality Of Life With Our Care Specialist

It's always good to have someone who can help to relieve the pressure off family caregivers no matter if it is short term or long term.

With our professional care specialist who are highly skilled and equipped with the right knowledge , they can help share the load and assist you along your caregiving journey, ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care they deserve. Having a trained professional around can also help first-time caregivers learn the basics and skills of caregiving.

Besides caring for the care recipient, a secondary role of professional caregivers is to provide emotional support and lend a listening ear to families. Family caregivers, especially sole caregivers, often find it comforting to share their journey with someone who understands how tough caregiving can get.

Wondering How Much Will It Cost You To Hire A Dementia Care Support?

Others are charging around RM 30 to RM 50 Per Hour in Malaysia. But we are a little different

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“Overall we find our Care Specialist very responsible with her work. She is sincere and caring. No complaints.”

Mr. Lee

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Give The Best Home Care To Your Loved One

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