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Helping caregivers help you

People struggle to find qualified home help including general caregivers and nurses. To help meet current and future demand for training programs, Pillar created “Pillar Training, “ business division focused on training elderly caregivers, nurses, and in related areas as such as CPR, First Aid and mobility techniques. Staffed with highly qualified trainers under medical supervision, our interactive training programs enable care providers of all types to become Pillar Certified. Whether it’s training for one’s career or to simply learn how to care for an elderly loved one.

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Who can Pillar train?

Anyone wishing to enter the new and exciting field of in-home elderly caregiving would be perfect for our caregiver training program. This could include people in who wish to move up in their current professions, such as clinical assistants or those working in other service or retail jobs and wish to increase their compensation or compete for new jobs. In addition, companies who wish to train their employees to care for their ageing parents or other relatives would be great candidates for Pillar’s caregiver training. Anyone wanting training in First Aid, CPR or mobility are also good candidates for our training.

What does training cost?

The cost of training varies depending on the length, complexity, and type of training. Training for company employees may be claimable under government development programs. For example, in Malaysia, our training program are claimable under the HRDF scheme.

Who does the training?

Medical doctors, certified nurses, and mobility experts supervise and conduct our training programs so we ensure the quality of our techniques, written material, and interactive programs that will set our trainees apart from everyone else.

How do I learn more?

We would be happy to discuss with your individual or group training needs. For more details on our current training programs, please see our website, or call us at:+6017 805-8677 for more details.


  • Medically-supervised in-home elderly caregiver training programs;
  • Training in First Aid;
  • Training in Mobility services for the elderly and disabled;
  • Training in CPR;
  • Customised training programs for companies, associations and other types of organisations;
  • “Training the trainer” programs.