Disrupting Elderly Well Being

At Pillar, we envision a world in which elderly people age gracefully no matter situation they are in. From home care to nursing homes to home monitoring and more, Pillar brings the standard of quality that this industry often lacks. At Pillar, your family comes first.

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Nursing Homes

By the middle of this century Asia’s elderly population is expected to reach about 923 million. Populations throughout Asia are ageing quickly and most governments in the region lack the ability to invest in new facilities. The private sector is beginning to take up the slack but these efforts are at a very early stage.

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Retirement Villages

Housing needs change as people age. They need more manageable, often smaller residences, they need convenient services such as clinics and hospitals nearby, and they need service providers who can come to them. They also need homes that are designed for them--homes they can easily navigate, and homes which help ease their transitions in life. Pillar helps developers build suitable homes for senior citizens.

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With the rapid increase in Asia’s elderly population, many more healthcare professionals, caregivers, and support staff are required. It’s not enough to build new hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and retirement villages---they need qualified staff alongside new investment. In elderly care, the lack of trained caregivers is even more acute. Pillar bridges this gap, allowing our loved ones to get trustworthy care.

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Real-time health and wellness monitoring in an elderly patient’s home continues to gain importance as pressures come from a variety of sources to reduce risks and costs of readmissions and hospitalizations. In 2018, Pillar will begin offering home monitoring services via selected home health care providers and technology partners on a trial basis in the Kuala Lumpur areas as part of our effort to provide continuous monitoring and analysis of elderly clients.

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Community Health Center

Community Health Care is a patient-centered medical home for your entire family. Patients have their own health care team that uses an holistic care approach which identifies your medical, dental, specialty and mental health needs.

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